Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Couple of photos Sat 18th April 2009

Took a couple of quick photos while at the gym on Saturday (see below). I love being fit and healthy.
Having the day at home today.
Did an hour this morning walking up and down my hill - it really gets the heart working. Downed a bottle of water in the process. Just love my water also, it is great for so many things.
Spendimg time clearing the paperwork on my desk at home, doing a little bit of work from home on the computer and just enjoying the quite time before my hubby gets home from Sydney.
Thought I would surprize him and have the afternoon at home with him today when he gets back :)
Had my Hot water and lemon juice on rising amd oats this morning - I just love my porridge.
For lunch I had 3 ladels of savoury mince, 1 ladel of sweet potato and then to finish it off I had a multigrain piece of bread with butter and fig jam.:) Don't you just love having a whole week off from being super healthy :)
I am having a whole week off my normal nutritional plan this week but I just love eating healthy, you just have so much more energy, so we will see how the day pans out. I still have some Easter Eggs to finish off so they may be on the menu later today :).
Train hard everyone and Live with Passion

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